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The World is Sound

Eclectic Electronica | Global Frequencies
comes from Nada Brahma which means sounds that transcendence.

Neon Demons by Solarein

Experience Akaliko Record's latest release 'Neon Demons', filled with cinematic soundtracks and dreamy state of mind.

Necessary fiction by after art

For Essential Listening, featuring two tracks from five track EP. Check out full album on Spotify.

Flashback Planet Electronica


The puthitronic concept brought together two very different worlds in a way that is sensible, rooted and yet forward-looking. 


Quite often for us, electronic music acts as the medium that connects us to the many diversities of Bangladeshi music forms. It allows us to close our distances from Bangladesh's historic narratives with a remarkable optimism for the sounds of our future, and thereby recognizes that neither the past nor the future are "as far they may have seemed".

This selection of works acts as an example of the evolving sound of a developing megacity as such as Dhaka - a result of globalization, returning prosperity, re-imagined identities - birthed from digital machines in a crammed up geographic boundary.

Different sounds, promising ideas, uncanny influences and experiences somehow shape how we look back at our history and what we expect of our near future.

Nothing is as far as it seems because everything is connected and in connected-ness we prevail.

These artists are represented by Akaliko Records and were discovered through Dhaka Electronica Scene.



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