By the 50th year of Bangladesh’s independence, Akaliko aims to build the much-needed infrastructure for audio focused creativity at the grassroots level by not only creating the space for artist get-together but also building sustainable commercial enterprises that will allow further development. 

We are big on introducing the much-needed advocacy required for the audio industry in general by drafting and introducing new musical policies and work with the government.

We dream of building Akaliko’s own music venue and we are hopeful to finish designing the concept design for it.

The music education, the agency, and the record label are all critical components of building the ecosystem. By 2021, we also plan to introduce a comprehensive website for music in Bangladesh with Akaliko Review, which will be financed through crowdfunding in 2019.

From Akashleena House to Akaliko 100K venue, will be a long process because of all the complications thats comes up with such a project. It will not only be a landmark to be reckoned but a driven place for community based digital arts and culture. 

It’s imperative to see the value of arts and culture in the global economy of today and future to play the most significant role in creating value even when resources remain limited.