Since then, Akaliko has grown into its current identity as an independent record label and beyond with a DIY approach to sourcing new artists and helping other small record labels to grow their own identities. While electronic music is Akaliko’s primary focus, we also collaborate with ‘non-musicians’, including writers, choreographers/dancers, communication specialists, and architects, to produce music, workshops, music videos, and a variety of sound projects.

DES formed in 2012 as a Facebook group with a handful of bedroom music producers mostly from Dhaka. The DIY community grew in leaps and bounds ever since by encouraging artist interaction and collaborative learning through both online and offline platforms. DES held workshops for producers at different proficiency levels and partnered with various local and international organizations to help grow the practice of electronic music and sound art in Dhaka and Bangladesh through events and various music projects that include compilations, video projects, audio art installations, and hosted their flagship radio show at Colours FM 101.6 featuring the best works from the city on Monday nights. The struggle was never ending in terms of outreach and getting the music heard. The limited time slots of FM radio stations was frustrating enough for the Akaliko team to then look on the digital solution of podcasting.

Meanwhile Akaliko Records was the first to surface as a netlabel and pave the way for more such formations and to take the success of DES community to the next level. Over time, it has developed the record label distribution, artist management aspect, music education programs, building grassroots level ecosystem and delving in sound art. In recent times, the Akaliko family has grown to accommodate a much more diverse group of creative thinkers to make creative solutions and sometimes even force it.