Chobi Mela X 2019


Chobi Mela, the international festival of photography since its inception in 2000 has been the most significant photographic event in Asia, and the first of a regular biennale, one that has become one of the highlights of the Asian calendar. It is organised by Drik Picture Library Ltd. and Pathshala South Asian Media Institute. The Tenth edition of Chobi Mela will be held from February 28 till March 9, 2019.

Akaliko Records is one of 13 Chobi Mela X Fellows who are partly commissioned to produce site-specific artwork. To investigate the theme Place, artists from different backgrounds of painting, drawing, architecture, sculpture, photography, video, sound and installations will expand the possibilities of the medium and test the language of manifestations. These independent projects are nurtured with dialogues and guidance from the festival curators led by Zihan Karim and coordinated by Sarker Protick.

Through this initiative, Chobi Mela aims to support new media artists of Bangladesh to develop their independent projects entailing experimentation and expansion.


Partial Schedule


10:00 am: Opening Rally | Pathshala South Asian Media Institute to Chhayanaut Sangeet Vidyatan

11:00 am: Opening Ceremony | Chhayanaut Sangeet Vidyatan
11:40 am: Lifetime Achievement Award


04:00 pm: Gallery Visit | Drik-Pathshala Under-construction Building

Artists: Akaliko Records, Alia Syed, Alisha Sett & Nathaniel Brunt, Anand Patwardhan, Ashfika Rahman, Chris De Bode, Emran Sohel, Fahim Hasin Sahan, François X Klein & Walid Saddam, Gauri Gill, Habiba Nowrose, Hasan Zobayer, Issa Touma, Jiasrin Hoque, Madiha Aijaz, Mizanur Rahman Sakib, Mosiur Rahman, Mushfiq Mahbub Turjo, Mustafa Zaman, Omar Imam, Pedro David, Razib Datta, Sharad Das, Shilpa Gupta, Stephen Champion, Syed Md Shohrab Jahan, Taslima Akhter, Umrao Singh Sher-Gil, Yin Xiuzhen


05:00 pm: ‘Pothe Pothe: Travelogues’, Curated by Sarker Protick and Munem Wasif | Goethe-Institut

06:00 pm: Artist Talk by Vanessa Winship | Goethe-Institut

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