Currently ongoing renovation, Akashleena House is the space where ideas meet and things get happen. Keeping the same DIY ethics alive from the early days of Dhaka Electronica Scene, Akaliko alongside 3 other different complimenting media units comprise of the current Akashleena space. We are open to enterprising media startups and anyone interested to collaborate.

The House have a focus on audio technology but our long term commitment for cultural capital and creative computing encourages us to connect with artists and technicians across all forms of digital and non-digital media and art forms. Tell us something fun that we do and we are game! Once open in January 2019, we will be offering a free shared space to work for our members, DIY Pro recording and video studio. From next year onwards we plan to introduce and host our hackathons every 4 months. We constantly connect people to facilitate interesting ideas to formulate and help create the necessary momentum.

Our ecosystem will also allow you to participate in our workshops, participate in music events and the right balance of things to think about creatively creating new things. Enthusiasm and willingness to solve a creative problem too. We will be happy to offer support for building synergies and access our entire cumulative network. 

Tell us what you are thinking or just for shoutouts at